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Oak Creek Archery is the logical progression of my love of traditional archery, an engineering degree and years of experience designing and building all manner of things: military electronics, wood working, metal working and much more.

Not long after I started shooting a second-hand recurve bow I started to study the physics of archery.  Since then I have explored many aspects of the sport and here you will see where it has led me, so far.

As I progressed more into traditional archery I decided I needed to make wood arrows instead of the aluminum and carbon shafts I had always used.  This led to the need for a spine tester.  After studying what was available, and what others had built, I decided to design my own.  Details of its design and evolution can be seen on the Spine Tester page.  There are several downloads on the Spine Tester page that explain and compare the difference in spine measurement between wood, aluminum and carbon arrow shafts.

Soon I was studying composite bow designs and embarked on that endeavor, with very satisfying results.  You can read more about my bow designs on the Bows page.

Finally, my latest project is a computer-controlled Pop-Up Target system, inspired by a well-respected senior member of my archery club, Bear State Archers.  The system is designed to be affordable for the average archery club, sportsman’s club or Boy Scout council.  It is easy to set up and operate and is very portable.  Both traditional and compound shooters have a ball trying to hit all the targets in the timed sequence.  What started as a novelty for the archery club has turned into a small family business.  With four technically oriented sons possessing, or pursuing, engineering and math degrees, and a my wife being an experienced manager, we have a good depth of talent.

We are now introducing the second generation Kinetic Kritters design that brings more versatility and higher target capacity.  Read about it on the Pop-Up Target System page.

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