Important Information for 2017:
We plan to be closed during June and July of 2017.  I will be on a long dreamed of motorcycle trip to Alaska during these two months.  As a result we cannot fulfill any target system orders placed after April 1, 2017.  If you have interest in ordering a target system this year please do so early in the year or wait until August.  Thank you.
The Kinetic Kritters Pop-Up Target System was developed with affordability, reliability and ease of operation as the primary design goals.  If your organization has been looking for a new way to energize your archery events consider the Kinetic Kritters Pop-Up Target System.  This pop-up target system is completely portable and can be set up in minutes.
The small target frames will hold varmint size targets that pop up and then fall back when they time out.  The large target frames will hold deer, bear and similar sized targets and will rotate ninety degrees, dwell for a set time, and then rotate back to their starting position.  Small and large targets can be used together to present archers with a variety of shots in one round.
The system runs on 12 volts DC and compressed air. A microcontroller runs the system by controlling solenoid operated pneumatic valves in a sequence determined by settings entered into the controller; or, a random sequence set by the controller software.

The electric power can come from a battery, automobile cigarette lighter or a power supply similar to that used on a lap top.  An air compressor or CO2 tank can supply the compressed gas that drives the pneumatic cylinders.

A battery and CO2 tank allow the system to be set up anywhere.

Kinetic Kritters Pop-Up Target System
Energize Your 3 D Shoots
Second Generation Controller
We are pleased to introduce our new controller design.  Our second generation controller builds on the capabilities of our first generation design while offering more versatility and higher target capacity without sacrificing simplicity and reliability. 
Systems can be configured to control up to sixteen valves.  One valve is needed to control the small target frame and two to control the large target frame.  That is enough capacity to set up sixteen varmints or a herd of eight deer.
With the new controller the timing of each target can be set individually, if desired, so that setups can be fine tuned to compensate for variables such as target weight and air line length.  Targets can also be turned off to run the system with fewer targets.
Up to nine system setups can be stored and recalled so a configuration can be dialed in once and recalled at another time.
Shown above is the Generation II Target Controller and the remote starter and speaker.  The speaker provides an audible warning when the system is activated.  A collection of animal sounds is stored in memory and one is randomly played at the start of the target sequence.  A simple tone can be selected instead of the animal sounds; or, the audio can be turned off altogether if desired.
Simple User Interface
Systems can be configured with different combinations of small and large target frames; up to the capacity of the sixteen valves.  Each system comes with everything needed except 12 volt power and a compressed air source.  Included with each system is:


The target sequences are entered with the simple navigation keypad and prompts on the LCD display guide the operator through the setup.  Some of the setup features are:

The controller also has a counter that will track the number of cycles that the system has been run.  This feature can be used to estimate battery charge or CO2 usage.
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Kinetic Kritters Pop-Up Target System
                           System Cost
Two different standard system configurations that have everything listed here plus:
5 Small Targets                                   $3850
3 Small Targets & 2 Large Targets     $4950
Additional Small Frame               $550 each
Additional Large Frame             $1100 each
Systems requiring more than 8 valves have a larger control box.  Add $100
System Customization
Our controller is very versatile and software can be tailored for specific applications.  If you have an idea for a feature we have not yet thought of let us know.  We may be able to modify the software to bring your idea to life.